About Emerging Market Enterprises

What We Do

At EME we work with clients who are driven by passion and who are challenging norms. Our clients understand that with the pace at which customer demands change and technology evolves, every market is an emerging market.

We partner with our clients as they embrace possibility. Our services and support to clients include:

  • Ideation & Customer Discovery: Using a blend of “analog” and digital approaches, we help clients learn more about their customers’ needs and develop a viable business model

  • Go-To-Market Planning & Financial Modeling: Taking a lean approach to planning, we build useful financial models and give clients the tools they need to acquire and keep customers  

  • Evaluating Funding Options & Accessing Capital: When ready for capital, we help clients choose the best strategy to fund their growth and support them as they work to become “investment ready”

About Our Founder 


Greg Payne is the President and Principal Consultant at EME. Greg has fifteen years of consulting and operational experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, and is a highly-experienced practitioner in the fields of strategy, change management, and social entrepreneurship. He recently spent three years living in Bogotá, Colombia, where he worked directly with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and fund managers on challenges ranging from market entry to pricing strategy to portfolio management. He holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Social Entrepreneurship from Duke University, and earned a BA in Anthropology from the University of Virginia. Greg is fluent in English and Spanish, is a proud AmeriCorps alum, likes to play soccer and travel, and has gone swimming with whale sharks - the largest fish in the world (!). Connect with him on LinkedIn.